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Tamil Nadu Goes With GNU/Linux

There was a bit of dithering, but Tamil Nadu has decided to use GNU/Linux on students’ computers and all computers run by the state, effective Nov. 14, 2011. This is the beginning of the end of that other OS in … Continue reading

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Syria: No Way Back

The die is cast in Syria. Assad has not responded seriously to interventions by the Arab League and its neighbour, Turkey, to behave reasonably to popular protests. Defections from the military are growing. Last week, defectors attacked key installations near … Continue reading

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Dropping The Bomb on Usage

A comment on a post by SJVN caught my eye. How does usage of Android/Linux compare with that other OS? We have some numbers. M$ claims about 50 million licences are sold each quarter, 91 days. Google claims 550K activations … Continue reading

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Priced Right. Available in Volume. Kindle Fire Will Fly

Even staid businesses see the merits of Kindle Fire, writes Eric Lai: Developers are coming! So are consumers. And so is IT. “In an IBM-sponsored survey of 4,000 IT pros worldwide released last week, 70% said they plan to deploy … Continue reading

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Debian, World’s Easiest GNU/Linux Distro You Can Install

It may have been true years ago that Debian GNU/Linux took some time and trouble to install. That’s not true today. A basic installation is pretty trivial. “Assume the default” works in most cases where user-input is required. There is … Continue reading

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Android, Android, Android!

About 10% of devices people use to browse the web are now Android/Linux smart phones and the number (200 million and counting) continues to rise at the rate of 550K per day. Two OEMs shipping Android/Linux smart phones each exceed … Continue reading

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