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FLOSS Is A Competitive Advantage For Business

Steve Ballmer & Co. are correct, using M$’s software without a licence is a competitive advantage to many. Of course those businesses could have the same advantage quite legally by using FLOSS. They would have a larger advantage, too: no … Continue reading

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Oh My, M$’s Patent Pool is Shrinking/Sinking

M$ has sued Barnes and Noble over software patents. B&N’s search for prior art to discredit these so-called inventions is voluminous, 45 pages just to list them. The reason B&N can do that so easily is that there is rarely … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Hacksaw Blade

I took another trip to the old workshop to move stuff to the new workshop yesterday. I had run out of steel for my shelving project. What a difference a day makes. I had been using a 10 inch hacksaw … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Does Not Have A Lock On Usability

Ubuntu has been the favourite distro for years when it comes to usability. I decided that was a myth years ago when I deployed it in a large school setting. Ubuntu made extra work for me to retain usability. Now, … Continue reading

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Apple Complains About “Total War” Which Apple Started

“If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” is a wise saying. Apple should heed that. It started a total war against Samsung trying to eliminate competition in the market for smart thingies and now is complaining … Continue reading

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M$: FLOSS Makes a Superior Product

Some of our commentators hold that FLOSS is second-rate software and only exists because “commercial”/non-FLOSS ISVs make a great product and FLOSS copies it. Well, Hadoop is an imitation of Google’s MapReduce but it is a FLOSS product nevertheless. M$ … Continue reading

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Shortage of Disk Drives Forecast to Affect All of 2012

“This is going to take a lot longer than people are assuming, until the end of 2012 at least,” he says. “And by then, demand will have gone up.” “He” is CEO of Seagate. While this will affect the price … Continue reading

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