Samsung is the Number One Maker of Smart Phones

In the third quarter, Samsung took the number one spot in the list of makers of smart phones. The whole market for smart phones was 115million in the third quarter, surpassing x86 PC unit shipments. That’s up 42% from 2010 but only a few percent up from the second quarter. Samsung shipped 24million smart phones.

This product represents a huge shift in how IT is done. Anything that can fit on the tiny screen or come out of the speaker or come in on the camera is fair game and Wintel is worried. How bad will the situation of Wintel be a year from now when a few hundred million more smart phones will have shipped? People who may have gone years without buying Wintel but enjoying Android/Linux may never come back and the hundreds of millions of first-time computer users may never use Wintel. The best Wintel can see for the next few years is flat growth but I expect a downturn now that hard drives are in short supply.

Not only is hard drive production disrupted by flooding in Thailand, it is submerged. The downturn could be more than a couple of quarters. “the best guess for resolving the problem was three to six months.” Ouch! Poor Wintel… Is the world about to demand fanless/disless personal computers, especially Android/Linux on ARM?

see Digitimes – Global mobile device sales grow 5.6% in 3Q11; smartphone sales increase 42%, says Gartner

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Samsung is the Number One Maker of Smart Phones

  1. Waldo Frankenhammer III says:

    No need to comment beyond original post.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Jan problem is there is a lot of suspect around MS patented technology if they should be rightfully paid as much as what they are.

    Barnes and Noble are in a interesting location. The nook could be just reduced to an android application. So they are not in location where they require Microsoft Patents at all so can fight Microsoft tooth and nail.

    This is always the problem of patents there is always that one company making devices that they could stop production any time and not effect there bottom line.

    Barnes and Noble can still sell books with or without the Nook.

    Interesting MS did not use the FAT long file name patents against Barnes and Noble.

    If you want a company that followed the charge everyone patent path to stay alive that would be Sun Microsystems. Microsoft is basically setting self up for a long painful death.

    Also Jan if hardware makers are spending as much on MS patents as to ship Windows Phone 7 its shows really how weak in the market MS has become. In the past this would have seen the companies ship Windows Phone 7 because it was a better product.

    Important thing is patents do have a max life. Time frame Linux world commonly operates over for taking markets is 10 to 15 years. Android has progressed many times faster.

    Android is not just targeted at smart phones. This is the big problem.

  3. Jan says:

    Interchange of ideas? Here? Where? Haven’t seen any. Pogson is lucky to have people that don’t swallow his “Microsoft will fall! Now!” rhetoric whole. Otherwise no interchange would happen here at all.

    As for the smart phone market: good for Microsoft. That keeps the money for the usage of patented technology rightfully flowing.

    As for Frankfurter: haven’t heard any sane argument from him at all. Just the usual “Micro$oft shills!” drivel.

    As for other matters: had a good time earlier, while reading the new issue of “Sexy Girls of GNU/Linux”.

  4. Waldo Frankenhammer III says:

    It doesn’t matter how bad the numbers are, people like oldman and Jan, or whatever they are calling themselves today, will use their oxygen deprived logic to twist it into a Microsoft victory. Then they will use insults of the kind used by 4th graders on the play ground in the hopes, I guess, of demoralizing other posters.

    This is the best Microsoft can muster. Insulting depraved individuals who ply decent blogs like yours Robert. If I didn’t know better I would think they were working to tarnish Microsoft’s image. With Microsoft’s money they could hire college graduates with majors in literature. People like that could certainly carry a sensible argument without delving into the chamber pot.

    It looks like no decent person will go to bat for Microsoft anymore. I haven’t seen any for a long while. Just people who try to break the peace and interchange of ideas on these blogs.

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