Phone Survey by IPSOS REID

Last night I was interviewed. The survey seems to have been about mobile/communications providers’ ads. I had seen a few on television so I could give feedback.

The highlight of the interview was the series of ads for MTS (Used to be Manitoba Telephone System, a government monopoly on landlines, now Manitoba Telecoms Services, Inc., a publicly traded corporation). I had noticed them because they contain animated iconic characters of Canadian history/life:bison, gopher, beaver… with in-jokes. What was interesting was that although I could recount the plots in detail, I could not tell the interviewer what was being offered for sale. Turns out it’s a discount on bundled services. The more services you take from MTS, the better the deal. I hope I have not doomed the series. They are quite enjoyable.

I also provided some feedback on the reputation of several other communication/ISP companies.

My take-away on all this is that service providers are keen to promote their services, including Android/Linux smart phones, so this market will not go the way of the netbook. Programmers, ISVs, OEMs, ISPs, and retailers are all in the channel pushing product hard and FLOSS runs it. There’s no way M$ nor Apple will be able to put this genie back in the bottle.

Information on IPSOS REID’s other surveys are here. One, on buying gifts for Christmas found “According to Ipsos’ Inter@ctive Reid Report from July 2011 (fielded among 842 online Canadians), 32% of Canadians own a smartphone/web enabled phone, 10% an e-reader and 7% a tablet computer.” and “high tech devices prove to be a little more popular on British Columbians’ wish lists compared to their shopping lists. More British Columbians are hoping to receive a new tablet computer (17%, nearly three times as many as plan to give one), e-reader (13%, about double as many as plan to give one) or smartphone (9%, three times as many as plan to give one) this year. So in this case, it seems that it is better to receive than to give!” That says a lot about the mindset of people about the new smart thingies. While growth in units sold of PCs in general is flat, the small cheap mobile computers are hot and M$ is not.

Interestingly, Ipsos Reid found, in another survey, that Blackberry is still hot in the Canadian market: ” BlackBerry maintains close to forty percent of the market (41% in January and 38% in August), Apple captures one-quarter (23% in January to 25% in August), and a variety of other handset brands using the Android platform (Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Sony) continue to represent 27% of the market (up 1%age point from January’s wave of the Mobil-ology Study).”

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