Five Months of Incubation at ASF

At Apache, they have 75 developers and they are still reviewing the code to check licensing to ASL.

“Before we can produce an Apache release, we must complete the code clearance step, ensuring that the license headers include License and Notification files for all artifacts in the build be done to the satisfaction of the PPMC and the Incubator PMC which governs the Apache OpenOffice podling. This will clear the way forward to develop a realistic target date for issuing our first ‘Apache’ release “

Meanwhile, LibreOffice has cranked out releases and accumulated hundreds of contributors (2011-4) and productivity continues (2011-7).

Clearly, forking was the right thing to do and LibreOffice is thriving. It’s a wonderful tool for desktop productivity. Eventually may get untracked but it is coasting on inertia now.Click to enlarge

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