Notebook + Desktop Shipments Into Canada Flat for Q3 2011

IDC reports that shipments of PCs into Canada has not risen above the level in Q3 of 2010. There is also a shift from from the front-runners to “others” and Apple. This is a good sign for GNU/Linux as the front-runners are solidly in M$’s camp. “Others” will look to supply customers’ needs and not M$’s. IDC has identified 30 OEMs in the “Others” group. They now account for 25% of shipments. Christmas will be grim for M$ as instead of a huge pop they may be flat or down from last year. So much for the wonders of “7”.

IDC is predicting Q4 shipments globally could be down 10% and Q1 of 2012 could be down 20% due to shortage of hard drives. They predict that larger OEMs will pay premium prices and squeeze out some of the “Others”.

Time for small cheaper computers that are thin clients or use SSD.

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