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A Measurement of Popularity of GNU/Linux and That Other OS in Canada and China

UPDATE Earlier, I posted some very low numbers that Google gave me for that other OS. The ones below are more consistent. I have also added links in the table. ———– Canada is my home but my government is just … Continue reading

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Entitlement? No. Sharing? Yes.

Sam Varghese is at it again, writing about things he knows well in IT. Occasionally I disagree with him and this is one of those times. Sam wrote, “People join the Ubuntu community – or any other free software or … Continue reading

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The Puzzle of AF447 Crash Continues

Straight off, I am not a pilot nor any kind of expert on aviation/flight but I know physics and the kind of things documented in the investigation of the crash simply are not supposed to happen. Nature is supposed to … Continue reading

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