The Software Patents Wars

2011 is wartime in IT. Software patents will not go away by wishing and Google, Samsung and Barnes and Noble are fighting it out with evil bullies like Apple and M$. The forces are assembled, several battles rage and the casualties mount. Samsung took some hits earlier but is doing better now with counter-attacks against Apple. M$ is still pressuring manufacturers to pay licensing fees for stuff M$ did not invent and could not invent because it’s software. These affairs can go on for years but Google seems ready now to waste $millions in court battles if that is what is necessary to do business in the 21st century.

As in any long war, things become very bad before they get better or stop being as bad, but unless legislators put some sanity in plain language back into the law this mess will continue for years and is an utter waste of human resources. We should all be enjoying the knowledge industry not counting the costs of this futile battle. In the end right will win and competition will be restored to the markets long before the patents expire. The lawyers and the courts do not seem to be in any rush to fix mistakes of the USPTO and the courts. The legislators will have to do it if they can live without the bribes.

see SJVN for a detailed article covering the various campaigns.

Some other nuggets:

see Oracle v Google where the judge has seen patent claims and copyright claims whittled away to almost nothing compared to the $billions Oracle made. Google’s lawyer stated in court, “when Android was announced in 2007, Sun didn’t throw up their hands and say, oh, my gosh, you’re infringing, Sun congratulated Google on Android, welcomed Android to the Java community, put Android on Sun products, asked Google how they could help Android.”

see A suggestion that the ugly Apple v Samsung global war was actually the result of Steve Jobs’ vanity and may soon be resolved.

The world of IT needs this war to be short and decisive. There is hope.

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