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C-19 An Act to Amend The Criminal Code and the Firearms Act in Committee 2011-11-15

They are going to try again. Vic Toews will introduce it and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters will tee off against The Canadian Labour Congress, whatever they have to say on the matter of eliminating the registry. “For … Continue reading

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Court Upholds the GPL

World, the GNU Public Licence means what it says. “In this case, AVM was essentially trying to stop Cybits from modifying GNU GPL licensed Free Software inside of their AVM Fritz!Box products. Yesterday, the court dismissed this principal claim. Thus, … Continue reading

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We Hear You, M$, And We’re Not Buying It

In the latest quarterly report to the SEC, M$ reports client revenue for that other OS up 2% but operating income is down 1%. On the other hand, advertising is up $48 million (8% increase on $600 million = $648 … Continue reading

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The Software Patents Wars

2011 is wartime in IT. Software patents will not go away by wishing and Google, Samsung and Barnes and Noble are fighting it out with evil bullies like Apple and M$. The forces are assembled, several battles rage and the … Continue reading

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Kansas IT Guy Fails

I found a story in The Register about the head IT guy for the state of Kansas. He tried to slide a degree by on his resume… The governor defended the hiring claiming academic credentials were not that important. I … Continue reading

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Acer Founder Acknowledges Open Source

According to Digitimes, Stan Shih holds that “an open source system allows enterprises, retail channels and consumers to all receive profits and it also helps the ecosystem to reach a balance, while ensures players maintain long-term operations, and is the … Continue reading

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More Confirmation That The World Wants Small Cheap Computers, If You Need It

When I shop for anything I look for price/performance. That’s why I waited weeks to receive a “four-way” switch at a reasonable price. That’s why I buy vegetables at harvest time when price is lowest. My freezer is full of … Continue reading

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