Tux Enters Pop Culture

One measure of GNU/Linux’s success in mindshare is how it is perceived by the public. A whole generation of kids who watch TV are seeing Tux the penguin, mascot of Linux, on commercials for Fruit Loops breakfast cereal. What do you make of this?

I know it pays to advertise. Is this subliminal advertising for Linux?

UPDATE I found another link to GNU/Linux at Kellogs.com. They have a promotion running where kids can “redeem” codes on boxes of cereal for “things”. One of the things is a screensaver, available for Mac, that other OS or GNU/Linux. Cool eh? Kellog’s knows kids use GNU/Linux! Now we can have another measure of adoption of GNU/Linux. What proportion of kids go for the GNU/Linux screensaver?

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  1. Think about it. You need a 3D object to throw, preferably free. You go out on the Internet looking. Much of the software used to produce animation these days is Linux-based and the animators know this. You find a 3D Tux. You GOTTA go with Tux!

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