M$ Tried to Sabotage DebConf 11

DebConf is the periodic meeting of people interested in contributing to Debian GNU/Linux.

This year DebConf was in Banja Luka, Bosnia/Herzegovina. The head organizer, Adnan Hodzic, had some very interesting comments in the aftermath, among them, this:
“I could write a whole novel about this, but to keep it as short as possible, for last two years as a side project I was working on an idea of Government or some of its institutions migrating to Linux. At first I was somewhat loud about it, then after Microsoft heard about it and after they tried stopping the idea by trying to scare me by trying to interfere with my private life; as that didn’t work its lobbyist came even near of obstructing the whole conference within the Government. For the sake of the conference, I convinced the Government that by supporting DebConf it doesn’t mean they need to move to Linux and publicly stopped talking about it. I also convinced them that our only goal was to have successful conference and promote alternative options and open ideas. I wasn’t lying as I saw this as new opportunity of them concluding on their own why they should or shouldn’t not move, the better conference was the more chances of success we had.

That’s why I tried pushing as many representatives from various companies as in this case we would use reverse psychology where basically no one or few know what Linux or Debian for that matter is, but everybody knows who Google is, so if you have participants from i.e: Google or Austrian E-Health care system talking about how they are using your technology is better way to explain what’s it all about really. Eventually Microsoft even had their first ever conference in Bosnia/Herzegovina and you wanna take a wild guess where it was held? :-)”

So, how scared is M$ that they bother to hold a conference to distract from a conference by a bunch of developers for Debian GNU/Linux, one of the least “commercial” distros you will ever find? Maybe it was the grandiose announcement put out by the government:
“Republika Srpska hosts Linux World Conference
Banja Luka, capital of the Republika Srpska, will host the Linux World Conference “DebConf11″ from 24 to 30 July. The most eminent experts from all over the world who develop open source Linux operating system for personal computers will take part in the Conference. Mr. Mark Shuttleworth, a Linux titan, one of the developers of the Debian operating system and the founder of Ubuntu along with the other famous people from the global companies such as Google, HP and Intel will be present. Banja Luka will certainly be the center of the world in this field during these days.”

Well, it’s all good. Adnan Hpdzic and Mark Shuttleworth went to chat with the President anyway.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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17 Responses to M$ Tried to Sabotage DebConf 11

  1. The same people who approved that memo are still running M$. A leopard cannot change its spots.

  2. Dr Loser says:

    Quoting a leaked marketing memo from 2000? You must be running out of ammo, Robert.

    It’s a very funny piece, if you’re inclined to the ironic view of life. I loved the unintentional Monty Python reference: “Our chief weapons are fear and surprise … and fanatical devotion to Bill Gates.”

    Seriously, you’d have to be pretty po-faced not to see this as a particularly abject piece of self-promoting twaddle designed to boost some inadequate marketroid’s view of himself. Not only is it no evidence of a conspiracy (or covert attack-dog organisation, or however you like to paint it); it’s exactly the same “It’s a war, boys, and we’re gonna go to the mat with those bastards!” tosh that every other IT company comes out with, all the time.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy it. Don’t try to make it something it isn’t.

  3. Debian doesn’t even pay its developers let alone an old man on the web.

    Read Plamondon’s Technological Evangelism. M$ includes that kind of behaviour in every campaign and it’s paid work. I expect some fools do it for free as I do but they have their own reasons. Drink the Koolaid if you wish. Refuse to believe what M$ writes on internal memos but it’s real.

  4. They lie to developers – We’re just here to help developers We are here to help Microsoft” … – “ISVs are just pawns
  5. They get others to publish false reviews – “Working behind the scenes to orchestrate “independent” praise of our technology, and damnation of the enemy’s, is a key evangelism function. … Every possible source of leverage should be sought and turned to our advantage.”
  6. They do stack panels – “The key to stacking a panel is being able to choose the moderator.”
  7. I assume any praise of M$ or M$’s products I find on the web is coloured this way unless I find objective evidence otherwise. I assume trolls who come to this blog to praise M$ and criticize FLOSS and GNU/Linux are one way or another partners of M$. It’s not delusional, just common sense. I believe what M$ has written and what appears in exhibits presented by litigants. I don’t assume falsified evidence in court.