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Fight! Fight! and M$ is not Even Invited

Barnes and Noble’s Nook eReaders and Amazon’s Kindles are scrapping in the schoolyard and the bully, M$, is not involved. Barnes and Noble Nook – Android/Linux and all kinds of features and models and prices for readers. Amazon Kindle – … Continue reading

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M$ Tried to Sabotage DebConf 11

DebConf is the periodic meeting of people interested in contributing to Debian GNU/Linux. This year DebConf was in Banja Luka, Bosnia/Herzegovina. The head organizer, Adnan Hodzic, had some very interesting comments in the aftermath, among them, this: “I could write … Continue reading

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Netherlands Education Abjectly Submits to M$

In 1944/1945 my father risked his life to liberate The Netherlands from tyranny and now the Ministry of Education has submitted the school system to another tyranny, M$’s lock-in, without a fight. The Netherlands has been very friendly to FLOSS. … Continue reading

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Death Star Approaches – Will Wave As It Passes By

An asteroid will pass nearer than Moon on Tuesday. Fortunately it has been determined that it will be a clean miss and likely will keep missing for a century. Good fun. Churchill wrote, “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as … Continue reading

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Android/Linux 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich Misses Christmas

It looks like ICS will miss Christmas and arrive early in 2012 according to HTC. I am a bit disappointed but these things take time. What’s Samsung doing? M$ takes years to release something new, FLOSS does it in one … Continue reading

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Apple Banned in Germany!

I took literary licence on the title, but it is about time Apple had its knuckles rapped in court. Apple has had a free ride on the issue of patents so far, IMHO. Now, Motorola laid a complaint against Apple … Continue reading

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