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Hard Drive and PC Shortage is Real and Imminent

The global supply of hard drives is estimated by Digitimes to be 4-6 weeks and will likely be exhausted by December. The shortage could result in a 10% shortage of PCs in the four months from 2011-12 to 2012-3. That … Continue reading

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The UGLY Side of Software Patents and Apple

Steve Jobs went after Samsung tooth-and-nail claiming Apple’s ideas were stolen. Look what’s in the New York Times: A computer scientist developed a concept of sliding stuff around on the screen to keep it organized and accessible to humans and … Continue reading

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US Navy to use Thin Clients

“Hendricks said the limited deployment will include his workstation, adding that he’s been through bad thin client deployments in the past. “One of them was so horrible in its deployment that people would…wait in line to use a thick client … Continue reading

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What’s Behind the Recent Spike in Rate of Adoption of GNU/Linux?

Even NetApplications, which people tout as showing a tiny 1% share of web-connected PCs shows it: Around July/August of 2011, the share for GNU/Linux took off with growth of up to 10% per month. That’s 1.5 million new machines per … Continue reading

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Africa: Promising Land

Africa used to be called “The Dark Continent” because it was remote and difficult to travel/explore in the interior. These days modern technology is able to leapfrog many obstacles and GNU/Linux is poised to make Africa “The Linux Continent” Data … Continue reading

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