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The Future is Now

That twit, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes again that the year of desktop GNU/Linux is not coming and repeats the lie that GNU/Linux gets only 1% share of something. Of course, he ignores all the data that does not support his thesis: … Continue reading

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Boom! They All Fall Down. M$ Does It Again.

Yet again we have the ultimate vulnerability discovered in that other OS, all supported versions except the GUI-less 2008. Just viewing a document with a TrueType font in it can give a remote thug complete control of a PC running … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Smart Phones Blow Past the Competition

In 2011, Android/Linux smart phones displaced Apple, Nokia and RIM smart phones in the market but they did more than overtake. They pulled away. Look at the numbers. IDC reports that in 3Q 2011, 118 million smart phones were produced. … Continue reading

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