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Patent-troll Apple Loses in Spain

Bully Apple blocked importation from China of a house-brand of NT-K tablets. The little guy won with a ruling against Apple. NT-K plans to sue Apple for damages. Imports were delayed almost a year and NT-K was accused of illegal … Continue reading

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M$’s Presence on Web Servers is at an Historical Low Point

Really, M$’s stats are so low you have to look back at 1997, when M$ was trying to catch Apache, to see their equal. Back then, Apache was on 41% of servers and M$ was on 16% of servers. Now, … Continue reading

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Need a Reliable Server?

Netcraft’s latest report gives some clues. The world’s most demanding hosting companies run GNU/Linux. Of the top 42 most reliable hosting companies, 2 run F5 Big IP, 5 run FreeBSD, 8 run that other OS, and 15 run GNU/Linux. I … Continue reading

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Ed Bott, Apologist for M$, Does it Again

Ed Bott, M$ apologist, writes, “Leading PC makers confirm: no Windows 8 plot to lock out Linux“. Of course, the PC makers have no intention of locking out GNU/Linux. They could care less about GNU/Linux. It is M$ that is … Continue reading

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