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Reality Check for the PC Industry

“The PC has not changed as consumers and users have changed their habits,” he said. “One thing the PC makers have not done over the last few years is make products that are innovative in terms of compelling features and … Continue reading

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Paving the Way for C-19, An Act to End the Long Gun Registry

From the minutes of the Committee on Public Safety and National Security:“Candice Hoeppner moved, — That, pursuant to the motion adopted Tuesday, September 27, 2011, giving priority to government bills, should Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Criminal Code … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Work in Retirement

One project I have spent a lot of time on this summer has been landscaping. We are almost there. I will have to do a final smoothing and planting a sprinkler system and grass seed in the spring. Winter is … Continue reading

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Patenting Words

Patents are supposed to encourage inventors to invent so that they can profit during a period of exclusivity. In a current patent suit, the USPTO was asked to review some patents. They rejected some claimed inventions and accepted some others. … Continue reading

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