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Apple Demands Recognition As A Patent Troll

Samsung has radically altered the appearance and layout of the Galaxy Tab for Germany calling the new model Tab 10.1N and putting a different bezel and speaker location on it. Still this does not satisfy Apple and it has demanded … Continue reading

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Distro Dance

The recent commotion about Ubuntu being displaced in popularity by Mint is a distraction from what’s really happening. No longer is Ubuntu a default choice. In fact, if you look at the 7 day scores, Ubuntu and Mint, together, are … Continue reading

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For years I have taught paperlessness in schools. My labs usually had a printer which was used only enough to teach students how to use it. External users of the lab got the most use of it. I am happy … Continue reading

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Desktop Virtualization

One of the neat things I like about GNU/Linux is that the desktop is automatically virtual. The X windows system is a networked desktop. It is interesting to see the world catch on to the advantages of desktop virtualization decades … Continue reading

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Apple Loses Its Injunction Against Samsung in Australia

A court decided Apple had a weak case and was unlikely to succeed in a full trial and so the injunction will be removed shortly unless Apple can get a higher court to play their game. see The Register – … Continue reading

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Server Growth is Happening Regionally

Gartner reports that, globally, server units shipped increased 7% in Q3 2011 compared to 2010 but eastern Europe and Asia had growth of 20%+. This looks like the usual server replacement with consolidation/virtualization continuing. Client shipments are almost flat so … Continue reading

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M$ Verging on Irrelevance

M$ is verging on irrelevance according to a recent survey. Asked early in 2011 what consumers thought of that other OS on a tablet, 45% were interested. Now, the number is 25%. At that rate of decline, interest will be … Continue reading

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Canadian Indian Reserves

Many of my teaching positions have been on northern Indian reservations in Canada. Conditions are quite variable. I have been on northern reserves with white picket fences and mowed lawns. I have been on reserves with no running water, ramshackle … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4

Alun Taylor has a review of ICS on The Register. His bottom line: “With Ice Cream Sandwich Android moves it’s game on by the greatest degree yet. In terms of look and feel it’s now hard on the heels of … Continue reading

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A Visit to Brazil

I was checking out DuckDuckGo search engine and used its setting to prefer .br and found VivaOLinux. It is a GNU/Linux-friendly site and I did not find any trolls in my brief visit. How refreshing. It’s in the top 10K … Continue reading

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Hard Drive Crunch Looks Worse…

Global HDD supply to be 35% short in 4Q11, say PC makers according to Digitimes. The consequences of this are very interesting: When ARMed smart thingies are increasingly attractive to consumers with lowering prices, Wintel with rising prices may become … Continue reading

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What To Do With the Last Desktop PC

In response to a troll demanding to know who had given up his desktop PC for a smart phone or tablet, one wizard replied, “First you’ll get a lot of users who never even touched the PC. There are about … Continue reading

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