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Government of Portugal is Cutting Funding to M$

Until this year, the central government of Portugal has paid for M$’s software licensing for schools. This year that will end and schools will either have to pay out of their own meager budget or choose FLOSS. That’s good. Unlike … Continue reading

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I love Debian GNU/Linux and thin clients. It’s the ideal solution for me and schools where I have worked. While reading an article about how thin clients are doing in the market, I came across some revelations: “according to a … Continue reading

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Patents are Discouraging High-tech Innovation

The stated purpose of patents are to encourage/reward innovation but they are doing exactly the opposite. The more Amazon innovates, the more they are sued in court. Instead of police and the courts punishing the patent-trolls, the innovators are being … Continue reading

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Where Have All The PCs Gone?

We wrote earlier about the shrinking share of PCs shipped with “7”. This could give a clue about what is happening: “These systems are not recommended for the average PC user. Above average technical experience with PCs and software are … Continue reading

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