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There is an eloquent comment that appears on GROKLAW today. Here’s the bottom line:
“Hey Microsoft – here is a clue for you. I have an Adroid phone, and I love it, and I don’t appreciate you threatening the manufacturer of my phone. Get the point? If you can’t make a good phone, give it up, and go make something else. There are endless things you could invent with your billions without going around threatening to take away people’s phones. Just leave the rest of us alone.”

Is Big Brother being resented? Are the consumers in revolt? You betcha. M$ is in the low single digits percent of market share of smart phones.

see Get the facts…

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  1. twitter says:

    I see the Microsoft boosters approve of judicial extortion when it benefits their favorite but obsolete and dying monopoly. There’s no surprise that people paid to recommend that everyone surrender control of their computers to Microsoft also favor unjust litigation. Their tiny minds are so dominated by small amounts of money for themselves and dazzling piles for their buffoonish heroes that they completely miss the bigger picture of what lost software freedom will really cost them.

    It is equally predictable that they declare Microsoft invincible and unable to fail, but that is the purest delusion. After more than a decade of both mobile and desktop failure, 2, the company’s financial decline is irreversible and accelerating. Unable to hire enough people to compete, they waste everyone’s time in court and beg for government bail outs, more contracts and more diplomatic help to bully the developing world, 2, 3, 4, 5. At home and across the EU, the proper authorities are waking up, thank you, as software patents are seen as intolerably damaging and corrupt. Individual resistance is also useful and the waves of developers who left the Microsoft slave sphere are directly responsible for the avalanche of competing software in gnu/linux, Android and even Apple’s overhyped gadgets. Microsoft has completely lost the mobile wars, the browser wars and will soon be losing the less relevant desktop. This will be good for actual competition as well as software freedom. Happy hacking.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Moxy in fact Next did not allow the users to redesign the user interface of applications on fly. Its one of the more out there X11 Windows managers features. just to be shocking metisse is one of the common tools for people thinking about GUI alterations to use to see if the alteration they are considering is worth spending time coding on.

    Moxy the complete ribbon idea is in fact not from Open Source the first to use it was a company called hotdog software in a html editor. Yes right down to AI to reorder the contents of the tab. Funny enough this is prior art to MS Patent on Ribbon.

    Tab based toolbars also has been around for along time on Unix and X11 before Linux existed. Appeared and disappeared from different closed source programs over the years before open source picked the idea up.

    History tells you a lot now is just rehashing by open source and closed. is a good place to visit both Moxy and Phenom. Just to get some idea of the diversity that exists. Note they don’t include dead and lost there.

    I am not kidding that all the current GUI are mostly is just rehashing of the old in different orders. Lot of the stuff was invented over 20 years ago. Yet people are taking own patents on other peoples work.

    If you were taken out a patent on a wheel it kinda directly know that it has prior art. The problem is there is a lot of prior art on GUI design.

    So neither Phenom or Moxy really know computer history.

  3. Moxy says:

    Phenom have you seen all the different X11 windows managers over the years and all the insane creative ideas they have come up with.

    Good ol’ Ohio Ham with more mind drivel. Care to name some of those?

    Most creative was the one that allows the user to modify the application interface on the fly to how ever they want.

    Idiot, that was Steve Jobs with Next.

    Really WP7 is the same old ideas in a different order.

    So the fact that the ribbon is being copied by open sores doesn’t blow this crippled mind rot?

    Ohio Ham you need to take your meds before typing anything.

  4. Pogson's Subconscious says:

    >Most of their “patents” are delusions of their mind.

    Yeah, a thief wants us to think he didn’t take anything valuable. What a surprise!

    In any case, if the Linux bums have a problem with the patent laws, they should take that up with the appropriate authorities. ‘Revolting’ against Microsoft ain’t going to help. Microsoft is not going to ‘go away’ because a bunch of thieves (aka Linux bums) are ‘revolting’ against it.

  5. Phenom says:

    Ohio, it saddens me to observe that once again you start talking utter and incoherent non-sense. You had a bright spot in some of your recent comments, and that was the reason I started replying you. Alas, it seems that was just a flash in the pan. Unless you get yourself together again, I will “blacklist” you again.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Phenom have you seen all the different X11 windows managers over the years and all the insane creative ideas they have come up with.

    Most creative was the one that allows the user to modify the application interface on the fly to how ever they want.

    Really WP7 is the same old ideas in a different order. Not exactly new Phenom. Hard point we are almost to the point there is nothing new to do in GUI we have done it all. So everything from now on is just rehashing trying to find that magic perfect combination.

  7. Phenom says:

    Pogs, these delusions generate real money.

    Btw, claiming that MS can’t invent anything, obviously comes from a deeply misinformed, narrow-minded individual, who has never seen WP7 in action.

  8. Most of their “patents” are delusions of their mind. e.g. Apple was just given a patent on an unlocking gesture. How close is that to patenting language, expression, etc.?

  9. Pogson's Subconscious says:

    Yeah, one Loon on a Loon blog says Microsoft should cease and desist, and that means the “consumers are in revolt”. Deluded much?

    And why should Microsoft “go away”? If Android is violating Microsoft’s patents, MS has every right to demand payment.

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