Debate Continues on C19

From 10am to 2pm time will be spent debating “C-19 — The Minister of Public Safety — Ending the Long-gun Registry Act — Second reading (resuming debate)”.

I will have the CPAC channel going.

The government has moved to limit debate to three days.

UPDATE One of the idiotic arguments offered by the opposition was that firearms manufacturers should have to prove that a particular firearm was intended for hunting and target-shooting before it could be classified as unrestricted. That is, the speaker wanted the default classification to be restricted so that new firearms would still be registered. The twit does not realize that firearms have many other legitimate uses than hunting and target-shooting. Go live on the tundra with grizzly and polar bears and you will know what I mean. Go live in the bush where black bears are king. You will know what I mean. Protecting life and limb is not hunting or target-shooting.

Bob Zimmer, an MP from BC asked the NDP whether they would allow a free vote on the matter but the NDP declined to answer the question… The NDP have several members who do not support the registry.

Garry Breitkreuz spoke eloquently in favour of scrapping the registry. He described the trigger for him, going to a meeting with a packed house of one evening of citizens at -39C. He agreed to examine the effectiveness of the registry for the stated purposes and found it wanting. He has attended many such meeting since all across Canada. His perseverance is commendable.

Candice Hoeppner spoke eloquently on the matter. She described the rural way of life where firearms are ordinary tools. She shot down the myths of the opposition about how police use the registry and how useless and expensive it is. She mentioned that police do not rely on the registry because it is riddled with errors and omissions. She read a message from a serving policeman who deals with armed criminal criminals and “the long gun registry does zero to help me do my job”.

She shot down the myth that the registry somehow helps protect women. “The long gun registry is not gun control.” The licensing process does protect women and she supports the firearms licence.

She’s right. This issue has been a burning issue in rural and northern Canada for more than a decade.

On costs she reminded the House that 7million long firearms are registered and it cost $2billion to do that. She stated that that’s only about half of the existing long firearms. The cost of correcting the existing errors and fully populating the registry is money wasted. It is better to spend the money on things that actually benefit Canadians.

In response a member from Quebec called Candice a liar and my MP James Bezan, from Selkirk-Interlake, rose to ask the speaker to discipline the member from Quebec. The speaker responded that he would review the record.

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