Another EDGI

M$ has persuaded ELCOT to push that other OS on notebook PCs to be supplied to students in southern India. This looks like EDGI all over again as the cost will be enormous. ELCO revised the tender documents in a second version. The first had required FLOSS.

see The Deadly Microsoft Embrace

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11 Responses to Another EDGI

  1. oiaohm says:

    Rule one about under the table deals don’t get caught doing them.

    Rule two best way to avoid being caught doing them is don’t do them.

    Problem here is in the past before the USA cable system started leaking MS most likely would not been caught using USA government pressure to sell things.

    A long time ago by IBM you will not get fired.
    This become buy Microsoft you will not get fired.
    Now it becoming use Open Source you will not get fired.

    The market is evolving and particular actions by MS are helping it evolving in a direction not helpful to it.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Contrarian past examples Brazil and Paraguay of EDGI back fires.

    Even the Australian where using closed source from 1 of March this year had to be documented in writing came from EDGI class stunts.

    Sorry Contrarian. My hypothesis of mine is not silly.

    What Microsoft is doing is silly giving repeated chances over and over again to be locked out of markets.

  3. Contrarian says:

    “MS just handed open source the perfect documents to get mandatory acquirement of Open Source in particular sections of there governments operations.”

    Let us know when anything actually happens in regard to this silly hypothesis of yours, #oiaohm.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Contrarian you are one hell of a moron. You think this is a loss in India? MS just handed open source the perfect documents to get mandatory acquirement of Open Source in particular sections of there governments operations.

    Linux web service dominance in a lot of governments is a direct result of MS doing EDGI stunts to hold desktop. Yes before EDGI stunts MS was on perfect line to take over governments internal services completely. Due to lazyness of admins so they only had to learn 1 OS going MS pure.

    Sorry Contrarian FOSS is left holding a sack full of huge amounts of money in a different markets without closed source competition and its MS fault.

    More MS pushes EDGI the more FOSS gets this money without having to be better than MS. Yes getting money just for being Open Source. Simply because the government officials are lazy and don’t want todo extra paperwork.

    Bottom line is each time MS pulls EDGI stunts they end up taking a smaller trip to the bank with Government money.

    So why should us Open Source people want to stop MS from doing this. There are many countries where web services mandatory are on FOSS servers.

    Of course when even MS does an EDGI stunt we will generate bad press for who ever played along because that is suitable to our ends.

    No point protesting at Redmond. They are not the people who make the acquirement of software selections. Making out that the elected officials have bent to USA pressure and other things is a great tactic for FUD. But with Microsoft this is true even with diplomatic cables backing it up so its not FUD is real fact. So Open Source is being handed the perfect weapons to change the countries rules and regs in its favour.

    Contrarian if MS is so good why do they have to use USA diplomats to force third world countries to buy their product.

    Of course you did not read the full India story that the diplomatic cables have been got showing outside interference.

    Yes mandatory FOSS policies are highly excluding you hear MS complaining about them from time to time. Of course MS is normally too dumb to see they created them. Now every other company making closed source should hate MS guts for getting them locked out of markets.

    Bad behaviour has side effects not just for the company doing it.

    Really how would you fell Contrarian if your country had done something due to outside interference. Could this not cause over reaction to prevent it happening ever again.

    MS is making the case Closed source software makers will cheat to get market share. So can be excluded.

    Really MS need to stop handing Open Source loaded weapons. Because sooner or latter one might kill them.

  5. Contrarian says:

    “Yet they don’t have to write a document why they choose Open Source”

    Who actually chooses open source, #oiaohm? The story here is that some place in India picked Microsoft after some period of agonizing over open source. Bottom line: Microsoft takes another trip to the bank and you FOSSers are left holding your traditionally empty sack. No one is irate except you and #pogson and perhaps others who have no authority to do anything about it. Go occupy Redmond in protest, if you want. Maybe you can find enough people to get on the evening news, but I doubt it.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Contrarian really you don’t get the water bit fully.

    The EDGI stunts are backfiring. EDGI is why these days government departments have to write a document explaining why Open Source was not chosen here in Australia. Yet they don’t have to write a document why they choose Open Source. Yes one of the most MS dominated countries on earth but due to MS bribing and other lies regs got written in open source favour. Each year getting stronger by the way. Started off with recommendation to choose Open Source now as moved to written explanation why. What is next Mandatory Open Source for particular roles.

    This model if you look around Open Source is replicating globally.

    More MS does EDGI stunts more Open Source will be able to generate bad press against government officials so forcing rules on those government officials and tilting the playing field in the Open Source direction.

    Yes EDGI is a short term Win Long term destruction. Cheaters never win long term they get caught and thrown out.

    Yes if MS want to keep on cheating go right ahead.

    The water from open source groups is eating out MS foundations for future profits because MS is making there foundations weak by stupid actions.

    OpenOffice is really not a good metric since both Sun and Oracle was blocking sections of automation to provide features for staroffice.

    Libreoffice is growing the Mainstay features because who is controlling it path. Its users.

    “It’s free because that is what it is worth to its users.” Not true for LibreOffice. Libreoffice quite a few end users are prepared to pay for developers to work on it. This is not free. They are paying in source by paying developers to work on it. Mostly to provide the features they want.

    Yes OpenOffice you can say it was true when Sun and Oracle were requiring signing over copyright to them to release a closed source program using it. Since lot of companies would not pay in source to a project that was going to use there source code to make profit.

    -“don’t care” elements of computing.- This is 90 percent of the computing population. Nice so 90 percent is the market Libreoffice should go for.

  7. Contrarian says:

    “We are open source we will wait. Just like water making a valley.”

    Now that’s the ticket, #oiaohm! Keep your stuff short and sweet so it can be seen in an easy glance.

    If it had been one of your marathon posts I would have missed the notion that open source is similar to erosion of the landscape. You might argue that is not all bad, particularly if you are a fan of canyons and gorges and I would agree as well.

    Open source seems to represent a terminal state for innovative ideas that were once important sources of marketing differentiation but have become so common that they are viewed as being sort of a commodity. They are steaks without any sizzle left, as may be offered by a Ponderosa restaurant rather than at Ruth Chris.

    For example, Open Office as a word processor is wholely adequate for almost anyone’s needs. Ditto the spreadsheet, AFAIK. But it lacks the rest of the office automation elements that make MS Office a mainstay for business. Open source becomes the resting place for all the “don’t care” elements of computing. It’s free because that is what it is worth to its users.

  8. Contrarian says:

    “It’s India that lost here…”

    Same thing. #pogson often goes off on these rants about how well phones are selling and gleefully posits that it means that Microsoft is doomed. Else he posts nonsense about some crank in the Phillipines ingtroducing a bill a year ago that would make them use open source software and noting that it means that Microsoft is doomed. On an other occasion, he suggests that Paraguay’s looking into using open source on their websites is sure evidence that Microsoft is doomed. I am sure that you have seen many other similar blog entries here, as well, and I do not have to enumerate them all.

    All of that leads to the inescapable conclusion that #pogson lusts for the destruction of Microsoft and so anything to the contrary can only be a loss for his cause.

    Perhaps you are of the same persuasion? Or are you in India.

  9. oiaohm says:

    Simple Contrarian. Keep MS doing this. While developing the side markets.

    While MS keeps there resources focused on the Desktop other sections of the market they are losing.

    These EDGI style battles don’t really work with search or in mobile space. Lets just say bad PR for elected officials for choosing Microsoft is also a bonus.

    You should be thinking Contrarian Open Source was not going to get paid for it Usage in India either. So why are following up with media and the like.

    Keep you target busy. Its not like long term that EDGI works. There are more and more past EDGI targets turning on Microsoft. Ok 10 to 12 years down the track. We are open source we will wait. Just like water making a valley.

  10. Someone says:

    It’s India that lost here, not Pogson.

  11. Contrarian says:

    Curses! Foiled again! Eh, #pogson? How are you ever going to win with this going on?

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