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For a Fun Time, Check Out SJVN’s Take on “8”

He compares it to Lose 1. That’s right, “Twenty-five plus years of user-interface development and this, this, is what we get!? Scary isn’t it?” Chuckle… That’s harsh, but true and funny. I have been around about as long as SJVN … Continue reading

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M$’s Desktop Monopoly Sinking Slowly

In Q3 2011, IDC reported that PC shipments are up 3.6% but M$’s profits on the client division of that other OS are down 1% from Q3 2010. Indeed, of 91 million PCs shipped, M$ had revenue of $4.868 billion, … Continue reading

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Forget “8”. “7” Is Not A Good Investment

Computerworld’s survey reveals that only one quarter of businesses have migrated to “7” and most are still using XP. The reasons are many, but they all boil down to one thing. The migration to “7” is not a good investment. … Continue reading

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Clouds on the Horizon

Gartner has listed 10 strategic technologies they recommend businesses check out to adapt to change over the next few years. The interesting thing to me is that none of them are M$-centric. “8” isn’t in there, for instance. Media tablets … Continue reading

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Gaddafi Captured

There are reports he was captured at Sirte and has been rushed to hospital for treatment of wounds. see BBC see Al Jazeera That should end the matter unless his sons try to fight to the bitter end. UPDATE Apparently … Continue reading

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