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Christmas, Here We Come!

It’s about time but the lagging sales of Android/Linux tablets due to copying Apple’s prices are about to take off. Manufacturers are cutting prices seriously now that the early-adopters have bought. This will quickly ramp up sales of low-end machines … Continue reading

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O Happy Day! Canada’s Long-gun Registry Will Soon Die

The Vancouver Sun has a story that the bill to repeal the registry could be introduced as soon as tomorrow. That will be a happy day. For a decade and a half firearms owners have been burdened by this nonsensical … Continue reading

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Killing Some Sacred Cows

No, I am not meaning slaughter of quadrupeds but eliminating waste in IT. I have seen so many instances of waste being defended just because it was the way things were done. If what you are doing doesn’t work efficiently, … Continue reading

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Harassing Customers

I have written this before but it bears repeating. A business that harasses customers will soon lose customers. M$ has repeatedly violated this rule by suppressing competition. The result is a huge body of customers/consumers who are ready to bolt … Continue reading

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Reflections on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

While the Nexus has a long list of shiny features the really big thing I noticed in the live blog presentation was that not only is the product a great smart phone, it has potential to generate content as well … Continue reading

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