Is Brazil The Most Linux-Friendly Country On Earth?

It must be nearly so. I was reading a post about GNU/Linux in Russia, and in reply to a naysayer, the authour provided a link to Submarino, an on-line seller in Brazil. It’s loaded with many choices of GNU/Linux PCs. Submarino is like the of Brazil. They know how to sell stuff. They have 26 desktop packages with GNU/Linux, 45 notebooks. NB, most of the PCs they sell are MADE IN BRAZIL. What a difference a country and an OS make. They do sell that other OS.

Their best-selling desktop runs GNU/Linux.

That other OS seems to dominate notebooks, however. All of the netbooks they sell run that other OS. Android/Linux dominates the tablets.

Sigh. What a difference compared to Canadian sites.

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  1. twitter says:

    People who think the rest of the world wants or needs Windows should read some comments by IT experts like this:

    There’s irony in that site being served on Winblows, but the comments are cold and cutting. Windows is described as second rate in all ways and was only being considered due to corruption and diplomatic pressure.

  2. spc says:

    Do you know what they do having bought computer with Linux preinstalled ??
    First step is to install pirated Windows whatever.
    Been there, done that.

  3. Matias says:

    Propably – yes. Surely it ain’t Finland though there’s lot of knowledge about Linux among finns and Linux is used quite a lot in homes and by students. But our goverment, schools, universities should have done their homework much better. Ubuntu is used some 20 000 – 25 000 clients in schools. Some towns (like Kemi in north) are using it quite a lot. But generally the situation is far from good. There has been growing criticism about IT development in larger scale. 1990’s our country was one of the best adopting new technology but now dropped far a from the top. Our IT sector is indeed ineffective. That’s well documented and causing public talk.

    It looks like countries like Brazil, some other latin countries, S-Africa and even France and Germany are more likely top linux-countries than Finland.

  4. Marco says:

    Last time I been there (around 2006) the computers where still sold with an ORIGINAL copy of windows98 and windowsXP was bundled prevalently with expensive laptops.

    I still remember, the version of acrobat reader available for win98 was not able to render the documents I was giving to them.

    I am glad they moved away from a situation like that.

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