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US DOJ v M$ – The Dead Sea Scrolls of IT

Thanks to PJ, some excerpts appeared on GROKLAW today. They are worth remembering since some computer users today were not born in those days or were too young to follow the trial. “412. Most harmful of all is the message … Continue reading

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Is Brazil The Most Linux-Friendly Country On Earth?

It must be nearly so. I was reading a post about GNU/Linux in Russia, and in reply to a naysayer, the authour provided a link to Submarino, an on-line seller in Brazil. It’s loaded with many choices of GNU/Linux PCs. … Continue reading

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There’s Life in the Hard Drive Still

A dramatic breakthrough in the density of bits on a platter has come through a small tweak in the process: “The secret of the research lies in the use of an extremely high-resolution e-beam lithography process that produces super fine … Continue reading

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Levers of Government

Unlike businesses or consumers of IT, governments often have unique regulations designed to optimize price/performance in purchases. One frequently encountered provision is that purchases over $X must go to public tender spelling out requirements. We have seen examples where governments … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Online

In the works is a version of LibreOffice that will run on a web server giving access by web browser. Here’s a demo video. It’s a bit jerky but one can get used to that, I suppose. If it’s jerky … Continue reading

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