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SJVN Reviews Ubuntu 11.10

“I think you get the first great, unique Linux desktop. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a great desktop for hardcore Linux users. But, it is great for Linux newcomers.” see SJVN I don’t see that. I have introduced thousands … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux on the Desktop Rolls in India

Whereas there are several visitors here of the opinion that GNU/Linux does not make it on the desktop, there is news from India that the courts will migrate to Ubuntu GNU/Linux from RedHat. That should be an easy migration as … Continue reading

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Purolator v USPO

Last week I ordered some computer parts and some tools from two web-businesses: via Purolator: Date Time Status Activity 10-13 08:09 AM On vehicle for delivery via WINNIPEG, MB depot 10-13 02:25 AM Shipment In Transit via WINNIPEG, MB depot … Continue reading

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The World is Still Loving Small Cheap Computers

IDC still insists on calling a PC everything except servers and handheld devices… A recent report shows Lenovo doing very well in terms of growth (+36% year over year for Q3). At that rate they could overtake HP in the … Continue reading

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NGINX is moving to an “open core” model. They have announced that the base model will continue to be FLOSS but certain components needed by “large enterprises” will not. “Alexeev noted that large enterprises need the support of a commercial … Continue reading

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Legal (?) Malware

It has been discovered that German police are using malware to spy on suspects’ computers. The particular case in question involves a suspect whose computer was deliberately infected as he passed through an airport. It was a trojan for that … Continue reading

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