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If you think I am a penny-pincher because I love to keep old PCs alive and use software that costs $0, check out my wife. We just spent hours changing pot-lights from flourescent (23w) to LED to save 11 watts each and about 2h of work every 3 years, 10h of labour altogether. The LED lamps cost $65 for us early adopters compared to about $6 (five times during the life of one LED lamp) for the flourescent bulbs. Here’s how I see the project:
Energy savings + labour savings – capital cost difference = 35kh x 11w x $0.10 + $20 – $35 = ~$20 for each of 16 pot-lights.

OTOH, it keeps the little woman happy and I won’t have to fiddle with ladder and furniture for 14 years or so… I could well be dead and miss the adventure. BTW, the ceiling is 12 ft. so we need a really tall ladder and it it barely rated to carry my weight ;-). It was an adventure because no arguments broke out even though she did not seem to know CCW from CW for turning a screw. She did drop a screwdriver on me once but I managed to catch it neatly.

The lamps are great technology which will come down in price by the next time they need to be changed. We replaced 75W incandescent three years ago with 23W flourescent and now with 12W LED.

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  1. Ray says:

    On the bright side, you probably don’t have to replace it for the next while.

  2. oiaohm says:

    The numbers are just looking odd to me that is all.

    12W Led is about 60 to 75 watt incandescents for output(ok what spec sheets say).

    23 Watt Florescent is ment to be about 100 watt in incandescent.

    I had my Led number off for 12 W. Basically by spec sheet even with a few blown the brightness should have still been there. I guess all downlight locations so able to used downwards beam LED and the Florescent were omnidirectional.

    One thing I forgot that could be a problem with down-lights and Florescent is the reflector for the old incandescent omnidirectional is not really compatible with Florescent omnidirectional. Ie it works but its not as effective as it should be so making and explaining the difference leading to higher than expects light for rating being in place. Yes technically if it was downlight fitted with omnidirectional Florescent you had the wrong light in there. There are Florescent bulbs for downlights those have built in reflectors so avoiding the issue also more expensive.

    Yes I know many people who have fitting the wrong Florescent bulbs in downlights. But hey the wrong Florescent bulb fitted to get the light still ate less power than the incandescent.

    I do secuirty system installations from time to time. So I kinda have a interest in lighting. No point fitting expensive cameras if they cannot get pictures of the suspect due to incorrect lighting used.

    Basically little more time thinking and everything is starting to add up if there was one of the common mistakes or cost short cuts. Yes I was comparing the numbers thinking exactly the right bulb was fitted. This is real world.

  3. These 12W LEDs seem to us brighter than the flourescent. No measurement but the view is crisp at night. My eyes prefer bright light. It could be only that some of the flourescents had died and we are back to normal…

  4. oiaohm says:

    The big problem is the price of dropping one.

    We have a traditional policy of when a light dies replace it. When replace it make it the best for its location at the time. So far the result is today there is not a single incandescent bulb left.

    We do have some very old fluorescent straight tubes still going. They have to fail soon. Not looking forward to the replace job.

    Also 75 Watt to 23 Watt? That normally means you went brighter. 100Watt incandescent is normally around the same level as a 23 Watt Florescent.

    Could be that you memory is a bit off on the value the incandescent was.

  5. Pogson's #1 Admirer says:

    Hahaha. That’s a funny story, Mr. Pogson.

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