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Winning and Losing

It’s a necessary fact of life that there will be conflict. Too many people have too many differing beliefs they hold dearly. “Blog of Helios” has a sweet tale of a business-woman having grief from non-free apps from that other … Continue reading

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LED Lights

If you think I am a penny-pincher because I love to keep old PCs alive and use software that costs $0, check out my wife. We just spent hours changing pot-lights from flourescent (23w) to LED to save 11 watts … Continue reading

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Arab Spring, Summer and Fall

The pace of developments seems to have slowed but Syria is still slaughtering its citizens in the street, Yemen’s tyrant is still in power and an unpopular regime is still in power in Bahrain. Libya is down to the last … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Applications

Yet another article purporting to show that GNU/Linux is not making it on the desktop… LibreOffice – “The biggest features missing from Writer are a grammar check tool, as well as some difficulty with docx page layout when importing from … Continue reading

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WineHQ.org Database Dumped by Intruder

“We had reluctantly provided access to phpmyadmin to the appdb developers (it is a very handy tool, and something they very much wanted). But it is a prime target for hackers, and apparently our best efforts at obscuring it and … Continue reading

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