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LibreOffice – One Year On

Richard Hillesley has written a great review of LibreOffice as a project. Key points: More contributions by more people have been made in one year than in one decade of OpenOffice.org. That’s a testament to the stifling of FLOSS by … Continue reading

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SJVN v RMS (and me)

SJVN wrote, while criticizing RMS’s take on the departure of Steve Jobs, “we also know that Jobs was also essential to our modern computing world. Jobs was our generation’s Disney, its Edison.” That is nonsense. At the time M$ and … Continue reading

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M$: Insecure, by Design

How else can you explain that all supported versions of Internet Exploder have the same vulnerability to injection of malware? M$ is copying its mistakes or the bug is not a bug but a feature. see TheRegister see Debian GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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M$ Blacklists a Famous University

No kidding. Hotmail blocked all of Oxford U for sending too much e-mail… They’ve unblocked now but more than a day of e-mail has piled up. Way to treat customers, M$. see Microsoft Appears to Have Blacklisted Oxford University

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Samsung and Google Will Unveil Android/Linux 4.0 on Tuesday, 11 October, 2011

It has been a long wait but the combined version of Android/Linux suitable for tablet or smart phone or any PC, for that matter, will be released on 2011-10-11. Specs on the device are pretty cool: 1280×720 screen (curved, too) … Continue reading

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