M$ CHOOSES to Offend 89% of Users

There is an hilarious story that “8” will have a different user interface because of an 11% drop in usage of the “Start” menu. What’s wrong with this picture? The 89% of users still using the “Start” menu. Are the lunatics running the asylum? Yes.

This goes against the old tenet of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” We see this repeatedly in IT, change for the sake of change rather than better performance or efficiency. I would bet that 11% drop in usage is probably swamped by the increase in uptime and the time spent in the browser these days… Think of it. If you leave your browser running forever and a few applications running forever, do you really need to start anything?

see Microsoft Explains Why the Start Menu Needed to Die

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to M$ CHOOSES to Offend 89% of Users

  1. Ubuntu is not my favourite distro. In spite of their popularity, I do not respect leadership that changes direction like the wind. It does not matter where the menus are. They should stay where they are or you are wasting the time of users to adapt to the position “du jour”.

  2. RealIT says:

    Sigh Pogson… Ubuntu did the same thing by putting a task bar up on the left hand side. Please write a huge blog about that so we can be sure your views are not skewed.

  3. JairJy says:

    oiaohm, right now using the beta, you can use Windows 8 just with keyboard.

    Also Explorer has been improved with the Ribbon interface, witch is the best for using the keyboard, because every possible action has a keyboard shortcut and you can create quick keyboard shortcuts for your favorite actions.

  4. oiaohm says:

    oldman desktop computers screens + touch equals one pissed of me.

    Reason finger prints all over the screen don’t for some reason help readability.

    Yes mouse and pen have a future for me. Touch for me is only for portable devices and interface devices not main displays.

    This is my problem with the MS interface it seams too highly optimised for touch. Really I want to see how it handles in a keyboard only event. I can get around XP and Windows 7 by keyboard only if I have to. Not nice but I can do it. Linux not too bad keyboard only.

    I have a bad felling MS might have completely mangled the keyboard only control.

  5. Contrarian says:

    The Metro screen is downright stupid without touch. I think that the easiest way to satisfy everyone would be to simply make the desktop tile invoke everything that is on the current Win7 desktop so that “computer users” can still do everything the old way after a single click to select the old desktop and people who want some similarity with their phone and tablet (Win8 versions, that is) can have that, too. It’s almost there now except that the task bar is mission and Start puts you back to the tiles.

    Back in the old days, the command line folk could do their thing while the GUI folk just dragged and dropped to their heart’s content.

    If Microsoft doesn’t do that, then there is an opportunity for a killer app, I think.

  6. oldman says:

    The metro interface’s biggest challenge is that it is to me most efficient when used with a touch screen.
    There is also the reality that one can easily get into a situation where the number of icons representing programs easily exceeds the available screen space, resulting in the need to scroll right to see applications.

    However the interface is very much useable when a touch screen is involved. All of this can be worked with Pog, and I would be the least bit surprised if ISV’s begin to sell touch enabled screens that cost no more than the current screens to make. in fact such a system could go along way to eliminating the mouse from the desktop.

    The potential for innovation is immense.

  7. Contrarian says:

    You can say anything you like, #pogson, and I am sure that you will eventually. What will matter down the road is whether or not the new paradigm becomes popular. You will know that it has when the Linux GUIs start to mimmic it.

  8. Well, you could say they offend 100% of the users 89% of the time…

  9. Kolter says:

    hold on: 11% drop in usage doesn’t mean that 11% of users no longer use the start menu.

    this just means that it’s used 11% less of the time.

    I agree though, if it were used 89% less of the time, then that would be an argument to turn it off.

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