India’s Small Cheap Tablet PC Arrives

So, it’s not $10 but closer to $50. It’s still an accomplishment. Now they only have to ramp up the production capacity. They are at 100K units per month and they need millions to reach 220million children. I would bet they go far.

see The Star

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  1. “The tablet is launched by Kapil Sibbal, Telecom and Education Minister. As quoted by Kapil Sibbal, “The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary have been excluded. Aakash will end that digital divide.”

    With the introduction of Aakash tablet, a tablet PC worth $35, the government undeniably accomplishes its endeavor to e-empower the nation. It focuses on inclusive education. The Ubislate tablet eliminates the use of age old software and hardware structure. Aakash tablet will be available for students by putting an application to the management. A college student can apply for it to avail the same. One may book Aakash tablet PC in India from the official website. It will soon be available on eBay also.

    DataWind, the manufacturers of Aakash tablet have announced that they will sell the tablet in retail with the name UbiSlate7. A lot of companies are expected to join hands in manufacturing this device. “


    There is a “Book Your UbiSlate7 Now” form at the top-left corner of that page.

    I don’t know what the waiting period is but with this level of demand it could be some time.

    Nothing on eBay, yet.

  2. Sushil says:

    i want this tablet pc i read in 9th class how much it cost?

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