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Flexibility of GNU/Linux

I have often written that flexibility is one of the sweet spots of GNU/Linux. It runs on all kinds of hardware and the licence goes with it so there are no hassles like that other OS: an EULA from Hell … Continue reading

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Manitoba Election 2011 – Tomorrow

Here it is the day before the election and I have not made up my mind. I am not a decisive person in many ways so that is not surprising but the hopelessness of the decision-making process is. Each of … Continue reading

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Family Weekend

It was an interesting weekend. I got to visit all of my children, a grandchild and to terrorize a cat. It was great. We got in some target shooting, a good dinner including asparagus and chicken and apple pie with … Continue reading

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iSuppli: New Amazon Kindle is a Retail Loss-leader

“While some say the super e-book reader approach of the Kindle Fire means it falls short of the iPad’s capabilities, IHS believes it actually represents an enhancement of the e-book reader, which will serve to expand both the e-book reader … Continue reading

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