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People Cannot Buy Large Expensive Computers Even if They Wanted Them

The floods in Thailand and the availability of small cheap PCs is holding back Wintel’s attempt at up-selling PCs generally. Floods in Thailand will keep supply of hard disc drives 25% below demand for the next quarter, prompting price increases. … Continue reading

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Government of Portugal is Cutting Funding to M$

Until this year, the central government of Portugal has paid for M$’s software licensing for schools. This year that will end and schools will either have to pay out of their own meager budget or choose FLOSS. That’s good. Unlike … Continue reading

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I love Debian GNU/Linux and thin clients. It’s the ideal solution for me and schools where I have worked. While reading an article about how thin clients are doing in the market, I came across some revelations: “according to a … Continue reading

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Patents are Discouraging High-tech Innovation

The stated purpose of patents are to encourage/reward innovation but they are doing exactly the opposite. The more Amazon innovates, the more they are sued in court. Instead of police and the courts punishing the patent-trolls, the innovators are being … Continue reading

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Where Have All The PCs Gone?

We wrote earlier about the shrinking share of PCs shipped with “7”. This could give a clue about what is happening: “These systems are not recommended for the average PC user. Above average technical experience with PCs and software are … Continue reading

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Women Get To Vote In Saudi Arabia

It’s about time. Not that there’s much to vote about but just getting the least bit of momentum forward in the role of women in that society is wonderful. Besides being able to vote in municipal elections, women will be … Continue reading

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I read this recently, above a photograph, “Anti-Gaddafi fighters fire a rocket”. Well, the gadget resembles a rocket in that there is an exhaust plume but it does not follow the projectile… It’s a recoilless rifle, folks. I saw video … Continue reading

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ARM Picks Up Speed On Servers

There’s a rumour from the Wall Street Journal that HP, ARM and Calxeda will get together to ship ARMed servers. There’s an announcement by ARM that ARM v8 will be 64bit. On top of that, Applied Micro plans to have … Continue reading

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One Place FireFox Beats Chrome is Thin Clients

I have been using Chrome browser for a while and find it very fast and efficient. Last year, I ran it on thin clients with no problems. This year… Number one issue is the “smooth scrolling” which smooths scrolling by … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Gets Retail Shelf-Space In 220 Retail Stores In China

While Dell seems mean to GNU/Linux in USA and other developed markets, Dell has agreed with Ubuntu to supply units with Ubuntu GNU/Linux on board to Chinese stores. These stores will have branded marketing collateral in-store, trained staff positioning the … Continue reading

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Message for M$

There is an eloquent comment that appears on GROKLAW today. Here’s the bottom line: “Hey Microsoft – here is a clue for you. I have an Adroid phone, and I love it, and I don’t appreciate you threatening the manufacturer … Continue reading

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Debate Continues on C19

From 10am to 2pm time will be spent debating “C-19 — The Minister of Public Safety — Ending the Long-gun Registry Act — Second reading (resuming debate)”. I will have the CPAC channel going. The government has moved to limit … Continue reading

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