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High Noon for M$ v Google

SJVN writes that M$ may have the most profitable operation based on Android/Linux thanks to its software patents but he also reminds us that Google is in the process of buying Motorola which is the only major Android/Linux player which … Continue reading

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Letter to my MP

The Government of Canada has proposed revision of the Copyright Act including blessing DRM… Here is my letter to my MP on the matter: I am interested in copyright as it applies to personal computers. As you may know certain … Continue reading

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Phoronix Blasted

Phoronix has annoyed me in the past with critiques of GNU/Linux so I rarely read anything on their site these days but I enjoyed reading a critique of Phoronix about power management. Phoronix had an article about a bug in … Continue reading

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Professional Use of GNU/Linux

I have written a lot about using GNU/Linux in education where it is just about perfect at helping teachers, students and administrators create, find, modify and present information, the lifeblood of education. Today, I read about an engineer’s use of … Continue reading

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