Minimum Wage in China About to Rise

This has some wailing and gnashing teeth but it should not. Chinese workers have earned a healthy raise and by shifting to FLOSS from that other OS, OEMs and ODMs and suppliers should be able to afford the raise and still increase margins. If the workers take an extra dollar or two for assembling a PC, skipping M$’s tax has it covered.

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  1. Ivan says:

    “Wage rates, particularly minimum wages, are not anywhere near as important to tech corporations as are income taxes on profits.”

    Not really, existing tax rates have little to do with where companies locate, if this were the case the United States would be the power house of manufacturing that it was in the period between 1942-1960 as the U.S. corporate tax rate is the lowest it has been since 1958.

    Look at the issue closer and you’ll find that governments are actively providing incentives for companies to relocate their manufacturing facilities,the state or country with the best incentive wins.

  2. Ray says:

    Welcome to the industrial age.

  3. D-G says:

    A perfect post. It shows what a classy human being you are. You have much in common with your dear friend, the fat, bearded man, master of the GPL (and not the universe). The bottom line of this post is:

    Chinese workers are important. But not really. Because the cause is more important. The Linux revolution! (Don’t let yourself be deterred by the fact that there is no Linux revolution going on in China.)

    Aren’t you unemployed at the moment? How about applying at Foxconn? You can then enlighten your Chinese comrades about the virtues of GNU/Linux.

  4. China does a lot by manpower. This may lead to increased automation.

  5. Contrarian says:

    Wage rates, particularly minimum wages, are not anywhere near as important to tech corporations as are income taxes on profits. General estimates are that wages are about 8% or so of costs for electronic device production which is highly automated and taxes are several times that in most venues. China has been incenting foreign companies with tax breaks and is considering stopping that practice. That will have a lot more to do with what companies do in the future than any minimum wage actions.

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