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Wash, Bundle, Repeat

M$ is desperately trying to preserve its desktop monopoly and to extend it to smart thingies by requiring OEMs to allow only signed software to boot on new machines that may run “8”. Think of the advantages, for M$: M$ … Continue reading

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Google + Is A Hit

Plus has reached 50million users in 88 days. Other icons of the web took years to grow that much. This shows that Google not only can do things right but that it is a contender in the web applications space. … Continue reading

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M$ Lies About Localizing Users

M$ has been sued for spying on people. M$ claimed it did not seek position without asking permission. A few tests show Phoney “7” phones home to share information without asking permission… Why am I not surprised? Oh, yes, M$ … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage in China About to Rise

This has some wailing and gnashing teeth but it should not. Chinese workers have earned a healthy raise and by shifting to FLOSS from that other OS, OEMs and ODMs and suppliers should be able to afford the raise and … Continue reading

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