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Dodging Bullets With Debian GNU/Linux

A recent bug reported in Ubuntu GNU/Linux is that apt-key fails to properly check the package-signing keys downloaded from an Ubuntu repository. Debian has the same faulty code but thankfully it is disabled. On a Debian GNU/Linux system: grep URI … Continue reading

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Delusions of M$

M$ is big and has some inertia but it is well past its prime in terms of shaping markets. The sectors that it locked in solidly, retailers and OEMs of PCs, are still pretty well locked in but the growth … Continue reading

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Sleep Well Tonight/Do You Feel Lucky?

A large US satellite is predicted to impact Earth sometime in the next 24h. The bulk of the satellite is fluffy and will burn up but a serious amount is expected to strike in pieces up to 158kg at a … Continue reading

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October 4, 2011 Would Be A Good Date To Release Ice-Cream Sandwich, Google

Al Gore has spilled the beans on Apple’s next release of iPhone. It is expected two new iPhones will be released on 2011-10-4 and hype will be huge. That would be a good date to release Android 4/Ice-Cream Sandwich, or … Continue reading

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