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PEBKAC – It’s Not Always So

We have all met people who really have no clue about using a PC. They find they can do things and just repeat even if they are risky operations like downloading and executing random software from the web. However, some … Continue reading

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How Many Reasons Are There To Avoid “8”?

“8” is just about irrelevant for me. I can do everything I want with GNU/Linux but that does not prevent M$ from trying to restore its monopoly on PCs through hardware. M$ is requiring PCs labelled, “Dsigned for…” to include … Continue reading

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www.LinuxFoundation.org is Back

www.linuxfoundation.org and kernel.org have been down a while mopping up after the intrusion. Kernel.org is still not back. www.Linux.com is still not back. I hope they soon are back. The Linux Foundation blogs are still not working for me… I … Continue reading

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