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Frost Tonight

The temperature is already below freezing so I went out in the dark to put on the garden sprinkler to keep my tender plants alive until the bitter end. It was such a poor growing season, some of my most … Continue reading

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Another Nugget from M$

This Patch Tuesday includes something to stop valid .txt, .doc or .rtf text files from causing a malicious .dll being loaded from the same network folder… Days ahead of the patch folks all around the world have been able to … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux in the Government of Argentina

In April it was reported that the Government of Argentina had decided to cut costs of IT by switching as many as 2/3 of PCs in government and public access to GNU/Linux. More recently, Cristina Kirchner showed very well in … Continue reading

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ISV “Partners” of M$ Cast Off

“Traditional desktop apps, however, will not be able to run on ARM processor-based machines, Sinofsky made clear during a question-and-answer session. Since such applications will not be able to take advantage of ARM’s advanced features, such as the ability to … Continue reading

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UK: iPad Losing Market Share

A recent survey finds: 73% of installed base of tablets are iPads, just over half the potential buyers intend to buy iPads, and “28% of consumers that intend to purchase a tablet in the next year are still undecided about … Continue reading

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Oracle v Android Comes to a Boil

Google has moved for summary judgment that using Java APIs is not copyright violation. Oracle has replied. Oracle is trying to persuade the court that APIs are protectable despite much legal precedent as far back as 1879:” the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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