M$: Hotmail is Trash

I have been saying that for about a decade. Now M$ agrees and will revamp Hotmail. I doubt they will get it right but at least they may try. I dropped Hotmail many years ago because I was getting more spam than e-mail. M$ has just noticed it’s losing customers now… That doesn’t sound like a company that’s “all-in” for the cloud.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. “FirstClass” appears to do batch processing. On a slow day, e-mails would take a day to get out. Since I am often on the job at any hour of the day this was painfully obvious. That may have been configurable but it was above my pay grade to tamper with it.

  2. Contrarian says:

    “Most people used web-based e-mail for the reasons given plus the messages would arrive the same day.”

    “Arrive the same day”? It seems to me that any email arrives the same second or two, #pogson. What are you on about?

    I guess that if you switch ISPs frequently, changing the mail could be a pain, but I have had my ISP mail address for over a decade now. If it ever changed I think it would be easy enough to send a single mail to everyone in my address book to alert them to the fact. I mostly just hit reply anyway for most mail, so it goes back to wherever it came from.

  3. That has been my experience too. I have had many employers and only one or two insisted we check the company in-box. That was “FirstClass”, but I called it “SecondClass” because it really sucked. You were not even allowed to e-mail what was on your mind. One had to be “politically correct”. I remember one time after a disastrous conference where food-poisoning wiped out 1/3 of the participants and I happened to mention that during a round of messages congratulating the organizers. I was publicly verbally thrashed in a staff meeting. Apparently only good news is to be found in e-mail archives… The company paid huge sums to run that e-mail system. Most people used web-based e-mail for the reasons given plus the messages would arrive the same day.

  4. kolter.online says:

    I used to use an ISP provide email account.

    Then I switched ISPs and told everyone what my new account was.

    Then I moved where that ISP didn’t exist, and had to repeat the process.

    Now I exclusively use gmail.
    no more fussing with ISPs.
    no more concern for spam.

  5. Contrarian says:

    Who actually uses hotmail for anything? Or gmail for that matter? Everything that I get that has any value comes from some company like carnival.com or ncl.com for cruise stuff, say, or individuals who I know using their ISP domain such as comcast.com or xxxxx.rr.com for RoadRunner and TimeWarner cable.

    That might be the best spam filter there is, i.e., route everything from yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc., directly to junk.

  6. oe says:

    Stats lesson aside, I know that the vast majority of spam mail from friends, typically followed by an impassioned “pay no attention to that previous email and delete it” are from those whose addresses end in hotmail.com. Nuff said.

  7. Contrarian says:

    Well, MEDIAN then.

  8. Mean – “2. (Math.) A quantity having an intermediate value between several others, from which it is derived, and of which it expresses the resultant value; usually, unless otherwise specified, it is the simple average, formed by adding the quantities together and dividing by their number, which is called an arithmetical mean. geometrical mean the nth root of the product of the n quantities being averaged.
    [1913 Webster]”

    Average – “3. A mean proportion, medial sum or quantity, made out of unequal sums or quantities; an arithmetical mean. Thus, if A loses 5 dollars, B 9, and C 16, the sum is 30, and the average 10.
    [1913 Webster]”

    You need to get a life, Contrarian. There’s only so much you can contradict without going in circles.

  9. Contrarian says:

    “and makes the left half of the graph below the average”

    I guess a subtle approach is lost on you folk! 🙂

    The term you are grasping for is MEAN not average. In distribution half are above the MEAN and half below. In a perfectly normal distribution, the average and the mean would be coincident, but that never happens in the real world.

  10. kolter.online wrote, “I’ve noticed this about most of your arguments, contrarian – they are based on false assumptions.”


  11. That’s because your distribution is skewed. Human intelligence is normally distributed.

  12. kolter.online says:

    If how smart someone is, is measured on a graph, it would make up the x-axis, where y = the number of people. this makes a bell curve.
    and makes the left half of the graph below the average.

    What you’ve done is represented how smart people are on the y-axis, and then restricted the members of the set – which depending on how smart the smartest person in the set is (you apparently, in this example), will slide the mean vertically upward.
    Assuming your a 1000 times smarter than everyone else in the room, then yes, you’re right.
    But You’ve based your argument on a false assumption: all people can be represented by a subset of them: your millionaire’s club.

    labeling something a myth doesn’t make it one.
    I’ve noticed this about most of your arguments, contrarian – they are based on false assumptions.

  13. Contrarian says:

    “half all people are below average…”

    A common myth. If I have a billion dollars and a thousand others at my club each have a million dollars, they are all below average except for myself in terms of net worth.

  14. kolter.online says:

    what really hurts is that half all people are below average… wait… no. that’s entertaining, not pain.

  15. glome says:

    More cognitive dissonance.

  16. Trucker Joe says:

    And yet more people use Hotmail than Linux. That must really hurt, eh, Poggy?

  17. Ray says:

    I thought they did it a year ago.

  18. Contrarian says:

    “Hotmail is trash”, says Microsoft? Not at all, #pogson, all they are saying is that they think they can make it even better and are going to do so. You are much too negative and your credibility suffers because of that.

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