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Cablegate: “Linux is popular in Argentina due to its low cost”

This is cute. An unintended consequence of Cablegate is that we can get more or less direct evidence of the success of GNU/Linux around the world… Argentina (2006)The number of PC manufacturers with sales and service networks in Argentina has … Continue reading

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More Lies from M$

M$ had the ear of the US government back in 2006. Cablegate reveals that “According to Microsoft, no government in the world has successfully used Linux for large operations (Brazil and Cuba reportedly attempted this, but then abandoned the effort).” … Continue reading

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M$: Hotmail is Trash

I have been saying that for about a decade. Now M$ agrees and will revamp Hotmail. I doubt they will get it right but at least they may try. I dropped Hotmail many years ago because I was getting more … Continue reading

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Battle of the 21st Century

Larry Page of Google and Larry Ellison of Oracle have been ordered by judge Alsup to meet personally to settle the matter of Java and Android. I expect Google will hold to the position that Android/Linux contains little or no … Continue reading

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