Quad-core ARMed CPUs Ready for Christmas and Android 4.0

It’s all coming together. The next version of Android which should unify smartphones and tablets and the next version of powerful ARMed CPUs will arrive together in time for Christmas. I predict a number of units filling the “desktop” role will be included. Four cores at 2.5gHz is just too much power for a phone… Imagine running Debian GNU/Linux on one of those babies.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    To be correct the Motorola FRAND abusing you patents requires you to transfer them to Motorola. This is why the conversion of the patents to FRAND don’t protect your ass.

    Motorola have designed the perfect MAD patent solution that does not lead to companies dead. Patent-less but not dead.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Ch current day Apple has been going after Hardware makers in the mobile space not the OS makers behind. Ch you are referring to historic Apple. Historic apple would not have made a blunder this bad. If Apple had interest in going after the OS maker they would have sued Google. Old Apple informed freetype of patent breach so it could be fixed up stream as well. So downstream did not have to pay fees.

    MS and Apple contain no critical low level critical hardware patents.

    Nokia depends on a FRAND licenses from Motorola to make phones supporting 3G and 4G and other protocols. If Nokia attacks anyone other than google/Motorola over android it no longer has a patent license to make any phones. Nokia has already make this mistake once and was forced to release patents under FRAND to get Motorola to re-allow them to use key patents so they could make phones. Yes every patent Nokia attacked with become FRAND of the type with no charge to anyone.

    Yes Motorola gave up a lot of Patents in the standards to everyone for Free on the conditions there products would not be interfered with from sale. Of course companies are free to take Motorola/Google through the court and demand payments for patents used the FRAND does not stop that.

    Using patents around Motorola requires due care. Motorola FRAND patent license is the patent license equal to the GPL license. You breach it prepare to pay up in Patents. Just like GPL makes you pay up in code.

    Microsoft and Apple have both broken Motorola FRAND.

    Yes Motorola wins MAD battle since attacker will lose there patents if FRAND patents are valid because they will be required to convert the patents used to attack to the same FRAND license as Motorola patents to restore access to the FRAND protected patents and refund all charges for those patents with interest. Attempting to block Motorola products or any partner from sale is normal MAD pattern that is forbin by the Motorola FRAND. Part of the reason the Mobile market up until Microsoft and Apple got mixed up in it had no cases of companies trying to block imports of product. Who wants to break Motorola FRAND. Answer no hardware company.

    Now when Motorola has attacked you with a mix of FRAND and non FRAND you are really in trouble. Since the non FRAND are going to land and take cash. Because FRAND clears the patents you have and the other Motorola patents hit you unblocked. This is why Microsoft is trying to get Anti-trust mixed up in the Motorola case against Microsoft. Motorola has Microsoft kinda checkmated.

    Motorola has never done a FRAND and non FRAND mix against a company that did not attack them or partners first. In fact Motorola cannot.

    Only valid path against Motorola is take Motorola to court and prove you patent is valid and ask for payment. So you don’t bring Motorola FRAND patents onto the table. One the Motorola FRAND is on the table you have lost. There is no second chance Microsoft and Apple has already stuffed themselves. Result will be both parties losing the rights to charge for particular patents.

    This pattern Motorola has already done against Nokia and others. So Nokia knows better.

    Really does it matter how many oodles of patents MS Apple and Nokia have. If they use them wrong they will lose them all to Motorola FRAND so no longer can charge anyone for them. MAD battle those companies could lose every patent they have. This is the most damaging outcome.

    Don’t mess with a company like Motorola or IBM. Both have the same nasty FRAND licenses to watch out for.

    Who needs indemnify paper work when you have the key patents licensed the way Motorola did. Since you will just take any patent used incorrectly against you. Or drag your feet in a court case until the patent expires. Either way you never have to pay patent. Really OIN would be very wise to copy the Motorola pattern.

  3. ch says:

    “Even if MS sells Windows 8 still does not stop apple from sueing your ass off to prevent you from selling product because you product is using there patents that ms used in windows.”
    Actually, Apple has sued in the past – and guess what ? They went after the OS maker (MS because of the paper bin and DR because GEM was a total Mac rip-off) and not the HW makers. Oh, and the legal wrangling with MS resulted in a cross-license agreement.

    “Issue is Google has the most damaging patents.”
    What makes you think so ? MS, Apple, Nokia and others have oodles of patents, too.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Phenom remember Microsoft over there patents could have directly challenged Google like Oracle did. Or choose to go after hardware maker 1 by 1.

    Microsoft has set the standard. If MS wants to play the game that way. So should Google. Issue is Google has the most damaging patents. MAD battle MS loses.

  5. oiaohm says:

    Phenom Google did not have anything to idemnify their partners with.

    Yes the indemnify contract is not worth the paper it written on. Even if MS sells Windows 8 still does not stop apple from sueing your ass off to prevent you from selling product because you product is using there patents that ms used in windows.

    Patent law is a ass. Since only the person challenged over a patent can respond. Yes Patent law is crap in this regard. Patent Pools are mostly useless this way.

    Google since acquiring motorola in the HTC case has proven they will come to the aid of an android attacked. Apple is packing it. What Google gave HTC may allow HTC to take every Apple product off the shelf.

    Samsung is releasing a paid for prototype for Microsoft. Now this does not mean Samsung will roll it out into major production. If I want 20 000 plus tablets I can ring up Samsung and get the to produce me a tablet as well with whatever branding a like and whatever OS.

    Note the difference here. The Windows 8 tablet is not a prototype Samsung did off there own bat.

    Thinking Samsung also make the Ipad. Question is will Apple sue the Windows 8 tablet as well. If they don’t they will have grounds for double standards.

    Remember the German case against Samsung is not the OS on it. But that its case looks a bit like a ipad. Most particularly that its tablet shaped. So I really do want to see how you make a tablet and it not be tablet shaped.

    Google has the patents to hit anything containing a mobile phone interface.

    For android there have been many companies that have already got of their own bat and made prototypes. This shows confidence.

    Windows 8 does not have confidence. Google does have indemnify agreements as apple just found out. Google is better to wait for MS products to be out in numbers before striking back.

    Also please be aware there is a case already between MS and Google. No gain for Google to do injections against MS yet. Nothing major to ban from shipping that will improve Google advantage.

  6. Phenom says:

    Pogson, really, I don’t understand your obsession with ARM chips.

    ARM chips work pretty well with MS software. Just look at this:

    Microsoft has nothing to be afraid from ARM. Windows 8 already runs on ARM. .NET Framework runs on ARM. Silverlight runs on ARM. And, guess what, rumors have it that Samsung is to reveal a Windows 8 tablet in a couple of weeks.

    Suprised? You shouldn’t be. With the troubles around licenses of Android, where all hardware companies end up paying Microsoft and Google’s refusal to idemnify their partners, the future is not really promising for Android.

  7. kolter.online says:

    how many watts is that?

    article doesn’t say.

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