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First There Were Zero-day Vulnerabilities. Now They are Five Days.

It used to be M$ would announce a bunch of vulnerabilities once a month and the malware artists would get a standing start to sabotage the world’s IT. Today the clock is ticking on four vulnerabilities announced four days before … Continue reading

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Quad-core ARMed CPUs Ready for Christmas and Android 4.0

It’s all coming together. The next version of Android which should unify smartphones and tablets and the next version of powerful ARMed CPUs will arrive together in time for Christmas. I predict a number of units filling the “desktop” role … Continue reading

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M$ Cannot Keep a DNS Server Running Yet Many Trust M$ With Their IT

A DNS service is a simple server/cluster with a configuration. It’s easy. It’s a well-defined protocol. Yet M$’s cloud came crashing down because of a failure of DNS for hours. Was there no one awake to reboot the servers? I … Continue reading

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