The World Ponders Whether PCs are Small and Cheap Enough

Consumers of PCs are delaying purchases because they can and “Generation Y has an altogether different view of client devices than older generations and are not buying PCs as their first, or necessarily main, device”, according to Gartner. They even state that PCs are so cheap that knocking $50 off the price does not increase sales. I think they are wrong. In the emerging markets, $50 matters. It’s just that PCs are so expensive in many other ways than price: re-re-reboots, malware, wait-please-wait, and monopoly.

At this point in the life-cycle of the PC industry, people are tired of Wintel and especially now that there are smaller and cheaper computers that are not Wintel, they are changing direction faster than M$ and all its “partners” can manage. The result is desultory growth, if any, for M$. “8” on ARM is unlikely to make much difference as ARM is owned by GNU/Linux, Android/Linux and iOS (at least for 2011). 2012, even if “8” arrives late in the year, will be much too late. “Ice-cream Sandwich” will be well established and eating Apple’s lunch. In spite of the title of the linked article, the graph shows iPad stalling. Will it be “8” or Android/Linux that kills iPad? “8” is still vapourware, so my money’s on Android/Linux.

see Gartner Says PC Shipments to Slow to 3.8 Percent Growth in 2011; Units to Increase 10.9 Percent in 2012

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  1. Ray says:

    I say, not enough, the real breakthough is the $10 dollar mark.

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