Cleaning out the Cobwebs of Wintel in the Government of the UK

The Government of the UK is having to sustain it’s push for open standards in IT because of the “success” of Wintel’s technological evangelism. People in IT and purchasing still don’t believe FLOSS is for real.

“We’re finding these barriers. Security people are saying ‘You can’t do that’. Others are saying ‘Don’t go there’. Our procurement people are saying ‘what is this stuff? You can’t buy it, it’s communist’,

within the next year, all gov departments would have a mandatory requirement to demonstrate they had fairly evaluated an open source vendor for any new software procurement”

Amen. That’s about what I suggested for the Government of Canada, make FLOSS the default. Education is the best weapon against ignorance but it takes some time.

see works on YET ANOTHER open-source push

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