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Android/Linux Tablets Are Alive and Well

I should not have to write about this again but stories are popping up all over the web that Android/Linux tablets are not selling well against iPad and that iPad is pulling away. Nothing could be further from the truth: … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Arrives on Most Smart Phones in USA

A survey of smart phone subscribers over 13 up to July 11 has some interesting numbers. It gives total numbers of smart phones, growth rate of smart phones and shares. If I express the shares as millions of smart phones … Continue reading

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Age Discrimination

“Most high-tech employers would likely deny that age discrimination is an issue at their company. But many IT workers over 50 beg to differ, saying they have experienced age bias or know someone who has” Could be the same for … Continue reading

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Attack on Kernel.org

From information published on the web we know: servers at kernel.org were under the control of intruders until August 28, the attack lasted more than two weeks and involved Phalanx which snaffles SSH keys, It is possible that this is … Continue reading

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