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High Noon for M$ v Google

SJVN writes that M$ may have the most profitable operation based on Android/Linux thanks to its software patents but he also reminds us that Google is in the process of buying Motorola which is the only major Android/Linux player which … Continue reading

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Letter to my MP

The Government of Canada has proposed revision of the Copyright Act including blessing DRM… Here is my letter to my MP on the matter: I am interested in copyright as it applies to personal computers. As you may know certain … Continue reading

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Phoronix Blasted

Phoronix has annoyed me in the past with critiques of GNU/Linux so I rarely read anything on their site these days but I enjoyed reading a critique of Phoronix about power management. Phoronix had an article about a bug in … Continue reading

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Professional Use of GNU/Linux

I have written a lot about using GNU/Linux in education where it is just about perfect at helping teachers, students and administrators create, find, modify and present information, the lifeblood of education. Today, I read about an engineer’s use of … Continue reading

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“Technological Evangelism” Still Lives

There is a scandal of global proportions about M$ paying to have coverage in news programming on CNBC and BBC. Technological evangelism still lives.“Microsoft began its commercial relationship with media firm FBC in 2003. A nine-page strategy document written in … Continue reading

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You, The People

The people have a right to petition government to do the right thing. There is a petition calling for the end of software patents at Give it a try. Their goal was 5000 signatures and they are up to … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Tablet

The Kindle Fire Tablet was announced today. It runs Android/Linux and costs $199. With Amazon’s marketing resources it should sell well. This will take a big bite out of iPad’s lead. There is one downside to it. This tablet is … Continue reading

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Insecure Boot

Jeff Hoogland tries to make the point that M$’s “secure boot” protocol is only a problem if OEMs do not give Linux the key… He’s drunk the Koolaid. How are OEMs to give Linux the key without giving it to … Continue reading

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Inside M$

I cannot get my head around how anyone can run a business with tens of thousands of employees. Schools start to be difficult to run even at 500 students. However, as businesses go, M$, internally, is looking sick these days. … Continue reading

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Tablets Running Android/Linux Are On Track To Surpass iPad In 2012

Recent numbers support the idea that Android/Linux tablets will overtake iPad shortly, according to Digitimes. Growth is huge with the world shipping 50%+ more Android/Linux tablets in August than in the whole of the second quarter. For all of 2011, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, LibreOffice

In the TDF blog: ” we have 136 members who have been nominated for their contributions to the project; we have some 270 developers and 270 localizers (although we always want to attract more), many of whom are also members; … Continue reading

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Wash, Bundle, Repeat

M$ is desperately trying to preserve its desktop monopoly and to extend it to smart thingies by requiring OEMs to allow only signed software to boot on new machines that may run “8”. Think of the advantages, for M$: M$ … Continue reading

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