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Libya: Battle for Sirte

The new government of Libya has given Gaddafi’s supporters at Sirte until Saturday to surrender. In the interim, forces from all over Libya will be concentrated there. There is no doubt about the outcome except for the number of casualties. … Continue reading

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The End of Lock-in is Nigh

I read an article, “The End of the OS is Nigh“. The authour claims the OS is losing importance and then goes on to observe that he no longer depends on this or that application. It’s that layer that’s dying, … Continue reading

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Forrester on Amazon: Take 5 million Tablets Next Quarter

Forrester is predicting Amazon will be able to sell millions of tablets next quarter if they cut prices and have signed up suppliers. With HP getting out of WebOS, that might be easy. Amazon could become Apple’s largest competitor in … Continue reading

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The Tablet Effect is Real

Canaries used to be taken into coal mines to detect accumulations of explosive gases. In the world of IT, the canary is an upstream supplier of components used to build gadgets. iSuppli has detected a huge oversupply of big RAM … Continue reading

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Big Brother Still Thinks He Knows Best

Chuckle. This is too funny for me to make up. I am just not that creative. M$ has had lots of push-back on “the ribbon” in their office suite but are Hell-bent to foist it on users of “8”… 😉 … Continue reading

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