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Snipers in Libya

Out of all the chaos of the grim reality that is the fight for freedom in Libya, there is a bit of humour. The word “sniper” occurs repeatedly in news reports and everyone’s talking about “snipers” but what they are … Continue reading

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Troll v RedHat

This is a strange one. A patent troll has a patent so diffuse that it is almost meaningless and is suing RedHat over it: “Network Distributed Caches (“NDCs”) (50) permit accessing a named dataset stored at an NDC server terminator … Continue reading

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Quitting With No Notice

Apple may or may not change without Steve. Assuming he was OK with suing the world instead of innovating, I won’t miss him. If I were his employer, I would not mind him quitting with no notice. I would say, … Continue reading

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“8” Makes Vista Look Good

In the striptease to “8” M$ lets out that they will create graphs to show how downloads are going. Imagine that. Instead of a few words and numbers they are going to create a data-structure for every transfer and update … Continue reading

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Tragedy of Shakespearian Proportions in IT

Shakespeare loved to tell tales of big egos brought low by delusions of grandeur. There are several such stories playing out in IT these days: Oracle v Google Apple v World Acer v Acer The latter is interesting. Acer was … Continue reading

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