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Bringing an Unloaded Knife to a Gunfight

That’s what Oracle has done in its suit against Google. Google asked for re-examination of the patents and the patents are falling like flies. Two more patents have been rejected on the grounds that they were obvious. So far 92% … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point

Until now, the USA has been the power in IT. They bought the most of everything so they could tell the OEMs what to make. July, 2011 changed that. China bought more PCs than USA. It’s possible this is just … Continue reading

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M$ has leveraged its desktop monopoly into server rooms but the good times may be short-lived. According to IDC, “ Linux server demand increased for the seventh consecutive quarter in 2Q11, with revenue growing 47.5% to $2.7 billion when compared … Continue reading

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I love ants. They work so hard. They cooperate. They share. I have some in my garden in a spot of light sandy soil. They were harmless until my last cultivation proved too effective. Denied natural food in the weeds, … Continue reading

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